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As Easy As Pie

Social Send is a blockchain project advancing cryptocurrency into social networks. SEND has created a simple and universal integration system with end result user experience in mind. Sending and receiving funds on any social network is now achievable with only a novice level of expertise. It is so easy the user may not even realize they are utilizing blockchain technology. SEND’s goal is to be the catalyst that takes cryptocurrency into the hands of the masses.

Transfer money through social networks to friends and family around the world.
Secure and trusted by the community.
No need to understand crypto currency. Our simple software makes using your Send a breeze.
Sending payments should be as easy as sending a message.
Lighting fast transactions and confirmation times.
Additional level of privacy with coin mixing feature


Cryptocurrency Made Easy

SEND is a cryptocurrency made for everyone through simplicity. We are blazing the path where transacting in digital currency is as easy as receiving an email or posting on social media. SEND Coin’s friendly and easy to use the platform is the catalyst that opens up the floodgates to mass adoption utilizing the blockchain for payments.

Send Perfect for Business

We are living in the era of digitalization. The e-commerce landscape grows more and more every day while the prevalence of digital money grows even faster. There is a dire need for an easy to use platform everyone can use regardless of expertise. With SEND’s UI, we have made it simple enough a novice can start sending and receiving money immediately. SEND Coin will add extra value, ease, and control of your finances that you never had before

Made for Everyone

SEND is the community based, decentralized crypt0currency, made for everyone. Follow us as we release future innovations in the crypto space. With SEND, understanding and utilizing the blockchain will be as easy as sending an email.

The Roadmap to Social Send

Q3 2017

Revival of PIE/PIEX Coin Community

Wallet Updates
Website Developmentcheck
Social Media Accounts and Updates thereon
Listing on Yobit, Cryptopia, Coinexchange

Q4 2017

Platform Development

Development of Social Send Chain
Integration of Masternodes
Completion of PIE/PIEX to SEND Swap
Listing of SEND in TradeSatoshi and Cryptopia
Completion of Email Send Feature in the Platform
Beta Release of the Global Social Network Platform to Enable Social Sending Feature to the Selected Community People (with Demo Fund)

Q1 2018

Platform Expansion

Android Wallet Development
Beta Release of the Platform to Public (With Real Cryptocurrency)
Integration of SEND Coin to the Platform
Mass Marketing

Q2 2018

ROI Calculator
Platform Security
Test Other Coins on the Platform
Increase in rewards for MN & Stakers
Staking Pool in Discord
Budget proposal and governance

Q3 2018

iOS Wallet Release
SEND Transactions via Mobile Phone
Addition of Other Coins on the Platform
Telegram & Instagram Integration on The Platform
Buy/Sell SEND on the Platform with Fiat
Full Platform Release
Listing on Mid-Sized Exchanges


Exchange Integration
SEND Debit Card Release
Release Mobile App for the Platform
Development of Crypto Learning Platform for Beginners
Working on Public Welfare & Donations
Listing on Bigger Exchanges

Q1 2019

Ecommerce Marketplace
Browser Extension
Release of New Roadmap

Make Your Voice Heard

Our great strength, an unfailing community ; Always present to help, to listen, to give his opinion, to have fun! Find us on the biggest networks!

Trusted Nodes

Wallet Connection Issues

If you get any issues on syncing, please add the nodes from debug console in your wallet. Go to TOOLS TAB, click on DEBUG CONSOLE, copy and paste each of the following nodes and hit enter, one node at a time.


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We have successfully released Social Send Platform, which is the first platform allowing users to send or receive crypto via social networks.

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