How to get into the right chain

How to use the bootstrap. Please follow the instructions to go to the right chain...

Go to
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\SEND (for Windows)
~/Library/Application Support/SEND (for Mac)

  1. Take backup of wallet.dat
  2. Delete chainstate and blocks folder
  3. Download the latest wallet
  4. Start the wallet
  5. Use bootstrap from for faster syncing

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Trusted nodes
Social SEND is all about making financial transactions easy for everyone. SEND creates a simple and universal integration system with the end user experience in mind. Sending and receiving funds on any social network is achievable with only a novice level of expertise. It is so easy the user may not even realize they are utilizing blockchain technology. The Social SEND app will allow you to send funds to any friend over social networks (Example Facebook & twitter) by just using their username rather than a long wallet address. As well as having an awesome dev team and fantastic community, the coin has many more great features;
• Lightning quick transaction times
• Secure and trusted
• Additional level of privacy with coin mixing feature
• Decentralized
• Very cheap transaction fees
• Rewards from Staking or running a masternode.
While it is still in its early days Social Send wants to change the way cryptocurrency is sent. Long wallet strings and private keys can be difficult to remember. We want to make sending SEND to be as easy as sending an email / a sms or tweeting at someone. The only way cryptocurrency is going to become mainstream is if everyone can use it easily, and that is what we are trying to do!
Please go to Downloads. There are many different types depending on your operating software.
The coin mixing feature gives more privacy to your transaction. Once the coin mixing feature is started, it will break your transaction inputs down into standard denominations of 0.01 SEND, 0.1 SEND, 1 SEND and 10 SEND. Your wallet will send the request to the Masternodes for mixing a certain denomination. No any identifiable information will be sent. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your privacy. When two other people send the similar request to the Masternodes, a coin mixing session begins. Your wallet will pay the denominations to yourself (same wallet but in different address). All these things happens in background, hence, there won’t be any intervention on your part. It will comparatively make hard to trace the transaction once the coins are send from more addresses, each address holding negligible amount of coins than sending from one single address. To get the maximum level of privacy form coin mixing feature, you need to repeat the process for number of times. Note: The coin mixing feature will use the available addresses from your wallet. Normally, your wallet contains only 1000 addresses. Those thousand addresses will be used up on completion of every round of coin mixing. Once those addresses are used completely, it needs to create more new addresses. Creating more addresses is possible only if you have automatic backup feature enabled in your wallet.
We have a bootstrap available on Downloads that can help if you are having syncing issues. Please note these steps are for your first sync and assuming you have 0 SEND on your wallet and you are not running a MN or staking, if this is a resync there are files you DO NOT want to delete in the appdata folder, please go to our Discord #help-channel if you are having a resync issue.
1. Wallet update in Windows (64bit) 1. Download wallet : 2. Wallet update in Windows (32bit) 1. Download wallet : 3. Wallet update in Mac (10.12) 1. Download wallet : 4. Wallet update in Mac (10.13) 1. Download wallet :
2. Unzip it (if you cant unzip with windows, install winrar from ; its free)
3. Open send-qt.exe file & you are done with the update.
(You can update MN collateral after 15th August; but if you keep things ready, you will get high rewards.)
5. Wallet update in Linux (check at end if you want to do it quick)
  1. Download wallet with command wget
  2. Unzip the file with command unzip . If unzip is not installed do apt-get install unzip
  3. Give execute permission to both sendd and send-cli with command chmod -x sendd & chmod -x send-cli
  4. Stop your existing daemon with command send-cli stop
  5. Copy sendd and send-cli to /usr/local/bin with command cp sendd /usr/local/bin and cp send-cli /usr/local/bin
  6. Start send wallet with command sendd --daemon
  7. Check the wallet version with command send-cli getinfo . It should show version as "version" : 1020001
(You can update MN collateral after 15th August; but if you keep things ready, you will get high rewards.) For Linux, just copy and paste all following commands at once, it should workout one by one automatically :
wget install unzip
chmod +x sendd
chmod +x send-cli
send-cli stop
cp sendd /usr/local/bin
cp send-cli /usr/local/bin
sendd --daemon
send-cli getinfo

If you have not set up rpcuser and rpcpassword earlier, you will be asked to set it up. Do as below:

apt-get install nano
nano /root/.send/send.conf
rpcuser=As You Want
rpcpassword= As You Want (not important)

Ctrl X >> To save
Hit Y to accept changes and Enter
Then start sendd --daemon
Do send-cli getinfo to check wallet version. It should show version as 102001

Please update your peers.dat file in your vps too (For masternode)

cd ~/.send
rm peers.dat
wget -O peers.dat
sendd -daemon

This way you force to connect to new network

Open the wallet, press the top right icon
Go to Settings -> Change trusted node, then click Add node and insert new node and port 55050 in the pop-up window

Trusted nodes:,,,,,,,

Can I get coins for free?

Yes, there 2 ways to get free coins:

  1. The Rain-channel (#sender-chat) on the Discord
  2. Airdrops on the platform. Just keep 10 SENDs on the platform and you will receive not only SENDs, but also other coins presented on our platform
Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age (i.e. the stake). In contrast, the algorithm of proof-of-work (PoW) based cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) rewards participants who solve complicated cryptographical puzzles to validate transactions and create new blocks (i.e. mining). By staking SEND you will receive rewards
• Receive SEND coins in wallet
• Wait for 155 confirmations
• Restart your wallet; unlock the wallet if it’s encrypted
• Should begin staking in after a few minutes. Confirm with the green check mark in the bottom right hand corner of the wallet
• Profit


First, make sure you have the green checkmark in the bottom right of your wallet. Also note the first stake takes the longest to get, just like Masternode’s. Staking depends on how many coins you have. The more coins, the more often you will receive rewards
10000 coins

You can stake SENDs in our Discord pool. The percentage of rewards in the pool is greater than in the wallet, but we advise you to store a large amount in your wallet.

How to set up a staking in Discord?

Go to the Discrod and direct message following commands to @SSENDC#9760 bot:

1. //register - Register with the Bot
2. //deposit  - Generate a Deposit Address

Use //help-command to see all @SSENDC#9760-bot commands

Staking ROI is always changing depending on how many coins are staking on the blockchain. On average we are seeing ~25% ROI per year.
No, but you can get airdrops there
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Instructions for use

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Instructions for setting up the masternode

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