Social Send Platform

The first platform allowing users to send or receive crypto via social networks / phone number

Platform FAQ

Social Send is a blockchain project advancing cryptocurrency into social networks. SEND has created a simple and universal integration system with end result user experience in mind. Sending and receiving funds on any social network is now achievable with only a novice level of expertise. It is so easy the user may not even realize they are utilizing blockchain technology. SEND’s goal is to be the catalyst that takes cryptocurrency into the hands of the masses.
Money instead Likes!
Because it allows you to send money to your family and friends via the social media in just a couple of clicks, even if they have never heard about crypto. SocialSend is not just a web wallet, it is also an exchanger and a kind of social network
  1. How to get money?

    It's simple. Any person from Twitter / Facebook / Discord / Telegram / Phone number... can send you money and you will know about it by getting a direct message in your social media. After that, you go to our platform using your social media and take your money, without delays, commissions or any conditions.

  2. How to send / donate money?

    Just choose username of your close person and send money to him instead of the likes! For this him do not need it to be registered on our platforms. He will receive a message in the social media through which you sent money

  3. And main question: How to spend money?
    • Using a debit card. All funds can be transferred to our debit card and spend money (crypto money) in the real world!
    • Using coin convertor. If you don't have our debit card yet, you can convert SEND to any cryptocurrency that has a card (such as Monaco, TenX ..) or a payment system (LitePay, BitPay ..) and cash out with these cards or services.

SEND will have the lowest (almost zero) fee. To reduce the fee for the transfer of other coins, it is necessary to keep a certain amount of SEND on the platform. The more SEND the user has on the platform, the less the fee for transferring other coins

Listed Coins

If you are a team member of a crypto project, you can apply for a list to our platform or contact us, to discuss terms and conditions