Masternode Setup Guide on Local Computer

This is a guide to show you how to setup a masternode for Social SEND on a local computer.

Step 1

Download and install Social Send desktop wallet. Recommended to encrypt and backup your wallet first.

Step 2

Wait for wallet to complete synchronization.

Step 3

Generate Masternode Private key.
Go to Tools -> Debug console and enter the command "masternode genkey" Keep the output in a safe document such as notepad. This is your private key for the Masternode.

Step 4

Get account address from main wallet.
In Debug Console enter the command "getaccountaddress MyMasternode". You can use your own name instead of MyMasternode. Copy the output and save it to the notepad.

Step 5

From your main wallet, send exactly 12,500 SEND to the address generated in Step 4. Wait for 15 Confirmations.

Step 6

Get the proof of transaction in main wallet.
Type "masternode outputs" in Debug console and copy the output to the notepad. This is the proof of the transaction.

Step 7

Update masternode.conf.
Go to Tools -> Open Masternode Config and enter the following line at the bottom of the file and adjust the values according to your setting

masternode1 EXTERNAL IP:50050 PRIV_KEY Transaction_ID Index
It should look something like this
masternode1 27BxAhVTQrCCVdqycRkkttVcaxZvvxCadukwHwv1s7neYFm6EAX 957e59cad55492af9d2c2468c699308139499820c7074c1ef46fa5e19614b0025 0

Step 8

Update Wallet Configuration File.
Tools -> Open wallet Configuration File. Open the wallet config file and update as below

externalip=EXTERNAL IP (eg, check it from
masternodeprivkey=PRIVATE Key (Output from `masternode genkey`)

Transaction id and index are outputs from masternode outputs

Step 9

Restart Wallet.

Step 10

Go under Masternodes, Click on “Start Missing” or “Start All

Step 11

Open Debug console, Type “masternodelist” Look for your Public Key/Address. Status should say “ENABLED

If you can't setup the masternode, try again using the video instructions